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Backup Blower & Storage Service

Berryman Equipment Company’s Backup Blower & Storage Service is designed to help our clients plan ahead for inevitable blower failures. All backup blowers are built a head of time to your current blower specifications. When your blower fails and can not be repaired, a remanufactured machine will be shipped or installed within 2 days. The blower has the same one year warranty as the original manufacturer provides.* Investing in a backup blower is like having “blower insurance” when you need to replace a blower as fast as possible.

Here is how the process works

  1. Berryman obtains written approval to build a blower based on your specifications.

  2. We build and test the blower to make sure it operates to specifications.

  3. We store the blower at our facility or it can be stored at your facility.

  4. We ship the blower within 2 days.

  5. We install and start-up the blower within 2 days after it arrives.

Purchase and rental agreement options**

  • Backup blowers can be purchased in full.

  • Blowers can be rented on a month-to-month basis (24 month rental minimum required).

Call us today to discuss how we can help your company or municipality implement a backup blower and storage plan for unexpected blower failures.

*Contact Berryman Equipment Company for detailed warranty information.
**Installation and shipping costs are billed separately.