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Blower Rental Service

Berryman Equipment Company’s Blower Rental Service is designed to help businesses and municipalities replace a down blower in a short time frame. We understand off-line blowers can cost your company thousands of dollars per hour in production and process down time. All blower rentals have been built, tested and are available for immediate shipment. When your blower fails, a machine will be shipped or installed after it arrives in 2 business days. The blower has the same one year warranty as the original manufacturer provides.*

Typical blower manufactures we stock include:

  • Hoffman (800 – 3500 CFM)

  • Lamson (700 – 2000 CFM)

Here is how the service works

  1. Berryman Equipment Company obtains written approval to ship or install one of our rental units.

  2. We ship the blower within 2 business days.

  3. We install and start-up the blower within 2 days after the blower arrives.

Rental and purchase agreement options**

  • Blowers are rented on a month-to-month basis.

  • Blowers are available for purchase after the rental agreement ends.

Call Berryman Equipment today to discuss how our Blower Rental Service will respond when your company or municipality’s blower goes down.

*Contact Berryman Equipment Company for detailed warranty information.
**Installation and shipping costs are billed separately.