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Berryman Equipment Blowers

Berryman Equipment Blowers

New Berryman Equipment Company Blower Line

Equipment Company is a long-time industrial service and engineering company that has been field servicing blowers since 1978. Over the years as the OEM’s have became less responsive to the service technician’s and rebuild shop’s needs, Berryman Equipment Company started reverse engineering all the parts for the Hoffman, Lamson and HSI blowers and exhausters. Eventually, Berryman Equipment Company reversed engineering the complete Hoffman 383A/B/C/D/E, Hoffman 741, Hoffman 751, Hoffman 772, Lamson 1270 and a few other blower models that are obsoleted or no longer supported by the OEM. The entire BEC new blower line are clone copies of the OEM blowers both dimensionally and from a performance standpoint. Our new BEC blower line are used in landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and many industrial processes. If your organization is considering replacing any existing Hoffman, Lamson or HSI blowers please reach out to us for a competitive quote.

  • BEC6 = Hoffman 383 series 22 & 24” impellers available, HSI 066, 067, 068
  • BEC8 = Hoffman 741, HSI 086
  • BEC12 = Hoffman 751, HSI 126
  • BEC18 = Hoffman 772, HSI 149
  • BEC14L = Lamson 1270, HSI 142