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Hoffman Blowers

Hoffman Blowers

Hoffman Blowers have been the workforce of the low pressure, high volume process air and gas industry for over 100 years.  Robust design and classic manufacturing techniques contribute to Hoffman’s standing as the industry leader.  The ever-expanding use of these products is illustrated by the fact that over 200,000 of these machines are installed throughout the World.  In the water treatment market these blowers are used in processes such as wastewater aeration, air scouring, digestor gas boosters, grit channels and coarse/fine air diffuser systems.  In industrial markets these blowers are regularly used for methane gas extraction, carbon black production, sulfur gas recovery, process gas boosting and many other critical industrial processes.  Berryman Equipment has been servicing, rebuilding, remanufacturing and reverse engineering the Hoffman blowers since 1978.  We are the independent leader of blower and parts supply to the Hoffman multistage low pressure industry.

Berryman Equipment carries the following Hoffman Blower Series: