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Blower Repair & Rebuild

Blower Repair & Rebuild


Rebuilding and repairing centrifugal blowers has been our core business for over 40 years. We regularly receive in our repair facility, units that need complete overhauls, from throughout the continental United States. Our service includes disassembly, non destructive testing, visual inspecting, dimensional inspection, documenting and providing a quote to our customer. After the customer’s approval of the quote, we rebalance, machine or replace parts as required to bring the machine within original factory specifications. Since Berryman has been servicing blowers for overĀ four decades, we have thousands of parts in stock, to help reduce cycle time. Additionally, all of our rebuilds come with a 12 month warranty.

Depending on your location, we may also be able to pull the blower or pump from your facility with one of our crane trucks; please call for scheduling. We regularly rent 20 and 40 ton cranes and provide the rigging for jobs that exceed the capacity of our crane trucks.

We are a company that prides ourselves in your total satisfaction. Our 43 years in business is a solid indication of the service and value we provide to customers like you. Call us if you seek a cost effective solution completed in a timely manner.

At Berryman Equipment Company we are experienced at repairing the following centrifugal blowers:

  • Gardner Denver

  • Hoffman

  • Hibon

  • Lamson

  • Spencer

  • HSI


Field Services

On many repairs, our experienced and well equipped technicians can perform field repairs on blowers that do not require complete teardowns at our facility.

Centrifugal Blower Rebuild Service

With over 43 years of expert centrifugal blower rebuild experience, we can rebuild blowers in an extremely short time frame. We understand off-line blowers can cost your company thousands of dollars per hour in production and process down time. While most blower manufactures and service centers need months to rebuild a blower, our Emergency Centrifugal Blower Rebuild Service can often rebuild a blower in 7 days or less.** The blower has the same one year warranty as the original manufacturer provides.*

Berryman Equipment Company utilizes our extensive inventory of blower parts to speed up the rebuild process.

Our blower parts inventory includes:

  • OverĀ 750 impellers

  • Sections

  • Heads

  • Shafts

  • Bearing housings

  • Bearing caps

  • Seals


Custom Parts Machining

When parts are not in our inventory, Berryman will custom machine required parts in as little as 24 hours. You can be assured, we will do everything within our capabilities to expedite the rebuild process and reduce your production downtime.

Call Berryman Equipment Company today to discuss how we can help your company or municipality when a blower unexpectedly fails and you need an emergency centrifugal blower rebuild.

*Contact Berryman Equipment Company for detailed warranty information.
**Installation and shipping costs are billed separately.