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IR for Electrical Panels & Load Centers | IR for Locating Levels in Tanks, Vessels & Silos

Infrared Inspections for Mechanical & Rotating Equipment

Midwest IR Scan / Analysis Services in Chicago, Illinois - Wisconsin & Indiana

Berryman Equipment offers businesses and municipalities / local governments throughout the Greater Chicagoland area and Illinois, Southeastern Wisconsin and the metro region of Milwaukee, as well as Northwest Indiana infrared inspections for mechanical and rotating equipment, with the benefits of:

  • Pinpoints Problems in Rotating Equipment

  • Identifies Overheating of Bearings, Couplings, Shafts, Belts on Electric Motors

  • This is often caused by poor Alignment, Overloading or Lubrication issues.

  • Substantially Reduces Risk of Catastrophic Equipment Failure

  • Avoids Unscheduled Maintenance

  • Lowers Costs by Reducing Downtime, Improving Preventive Maintenance Efficiency

Your mechanical systems have hidden problems that can be pinpointed and prioritized with infrared surveys. This results in reduced downtime and increased profits for your organization.

Today’s facilities engineers are saving of millions of dollars every year with infrared mechanical inspections. Our professional infrared mechanical scans can substantially improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by:

  • quickly pinpointing problems

  • reducing downtime and equipment damage

  • preventing catastrophic failures

  • establishing repair priorities

  • improving maintenance efficiency

  • testing under load to avoid costly shutdowns

In mechanical systems, excessive heat is a tell tale sign of approaching trouble. High temperatures indicate excessive friction, electrical resistance, worn components, lubrication failure, or other common problems that can lead to expensive or catastrophic failures. Using cutting-edge infrared detection technology, our Degreed & Certified Thermographers rapidly and accurately pinpoint the thermal anomalies that threaten the safety and reliability of your mechanical equipment.

Because thermography is non-contact and nondestructive, there is no need to interrupt production or plan for costly shutdowns. Our thermographers inspect your equipment under normal loads and operating conditions, so you don’t have to disrupt your service and production schedules. By testing the operation of your systems in ‘real time’ our inspections can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging component problems.

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