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Pompano Beach Centrifugal Blower Rentals

Pompano Beach Centrifugal Blower Rentals


Berryman Equipment Company’s Blower Rental Service is designed to help businesses and municipalities replace a down blower in a short time frame. We understand off-line blowers can cost your company thousands of dollars per hour in production and process down time. All blower rentals have been built, tested and are available for immediate shipment. When your blower fails, a machine will be shipped or installed after it arrives in 2 business days. The blower has the same one-year warranty as the original manufacturer provides.*

Rent Blowers in Pompano Beach, Florida
Berryman Equipment maintains the largest fleet of ship ready multistage centrifugal blowers in the USA. A partial list of ship ready blowers that we can ship to the city of Pompano Beach is shown below.

If a customer requires a specific rental blower that is not available from our rental fleet, Berryman Equipment Company has the ability to assemble the required blower typically with a few days’ notice.

Typical Blower Manufacturers We Stock Include:

  • Hoffman (800 – 32,000 CFM, 5-17 psig)

  • Lamson (700 – 18,000 CFM, 5-15 psig)

  • Sutorbilt, Hibon, Aerzen (400-2,500 cfm, 5-18 psig)

How Our Rental Service Works in Pompano Beach:

  • 1

    Berryman Equipment Company obtains written approval to ship or install one of our rental units.

  • 2

    We ship the blower within 2 business days to your facility in the city of Pompano Beach.

  • 3

    We install and start-up the blower within 2 days after the blower arrives.

Rental & Purchase Agreement Options:

  • Blowers are rented on a month-to-month basis.

  • Blowers are available for purchase after the rental agreement ends.

Contact us today to discuss how our Blower Rental Service works in the city of Pompano Beach so when your company or municipality’s blower goes down, you will have a resource to help you get back up and running.

Contact Berryman Equipment for detailed warranty information.
Installation and shipping costs are billed separately.

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Pompano Beach Rent Ready Blowers
Model OEM Motor HP required Flow(scfm) P(psig)
79105 Hoffman 1500-1750 20-28,000 12-15
79103 Hoffman 900 18-26,000 7-9.6
67107 Hoffman 900 12-17,000 10-15
67105 Hoffman 900 12-17,000 8-9.5
1407 Lamson 500 7-10,000 8-10.5
1406 Lamson 350 7-10,000 7-9
1278 Lamson 350 4-5,500 11-14.5
1277 Lamson 400 4-7,000 10-13.5
879 Lamson 350 4.5-5,500 12-16
75107 Hoffman 300 4-6,500 8-11.5
869 Lamson 200 2-3,500 10-12
1257 Lamson 200 3-6,000 7-9
74210 Hoffman 300 2-3,800 12-16
74109 Hoffman 350 2.5-4,500 12-15
74107 Hoffman 200 2-3,700 8-11.5
74106 Hoffman 150 1.5-3,000 7-9
38309 Hoffman 150 800-2,200 8-11.5
4208 Hoffman 100 700-1,200 7-9.5

Many PD blowers, including Hibon, Turbotron, Roots & Aerzen. Please inquire for a quote as there are too many to list and inventory changes at any given time based on demand.

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Examples of Blower Rentals in Pompano Beach 

rental-container-interiorrental container exterior

Our Blower Rental Service Can Ship To Multiple Locations

Berryman Equipment ships to multiple locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Central/South America & the Caribbean. With multiple warehouse facilities in the Midwest and Southeast, we can get your new blower rental to the city of Pompano Beach within days of the confirmed rental agreement.

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