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Made & Designed in the USA

Made & Designed in the USA

Berryman Equipment is an American owned company that is a value-added distributor, manufacturer and service company in the process air industry.  The company has been servicing and manufacturing cast iron and cast aluminum multistage blowers for this industry since 1978 in Addison, IL, USA. In 2015 the company added a 40,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Americus, GA, USA to better serve the Southeast USA and export markets.made_in_usa

Both domestic and foreign customers will routinely ask about the origin of our parts and product, says John Mijal, Business Development Manager.  There appears to be some confusion in our industry with regard to ‘Made in the USA’.

The “Made in USA” label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC. In order for a part or product to make this claim, the item must be made within the United States’ borders from “all or virtually all” American parts — that is, with parts also made in the US.

According to the FTC’s website, “all or virtually all” means that “all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin. The product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.”

Customers looking for “Made in the USA” product for this industry have limited options.  Berryman has invested significant resources and funds to manufacture many of it’s parts and products in the USA.  Jack Busby, President of Berryman Equipment Company, states that ‘if the part or product does not have “Made in the USA” casted into the part than it is unlikely that it originated from the USA.’  An example part and photograph is provided below for clarity.